Stress Free Multitasking Workshop

A practical approach teaching women how to juggle home and work without the stress.

Get the kids up, make breakfast, packed lunches, hang out the clothes, put in a new load into the washing machine and all before setting off to work … sound familiar?

The stress a woman experiences on a daily basis is as a result of having to do so many things in a limited time, dealing with the demands of children at different stages of development, husbands (!) and then all the complications of relationships at work.

Stress is not something women need learn to live with, it can be minimized and during this one day course it is my aim to show you how.

In a safe, comfortable and confidential environment you will be shown a number of practical techniques which are then your tools for life.

This is your gift to yourself which will make you a happier, calmer and more relaxed person both at home and at work. You will get more done and … even enjoy doing it!

During the course you will experience deep relaxation and shown how to recreate this feeling whenever you want to. You will also be shown how to enlist the support of the subconscious to deal with triggers that sabotage your peace of mind.

Each person attending the course will receive a CD to remind them of how to attain the levels of relaxation taught in the course.

Course Content

14:00  Introduction and overview of the course content.

14:30  Practising ‘Relaxation for Life Techniques’ to remain relaxed and in control in any situation.

15:00  The experience of deep relaxation and practising techniques for neutralizing the triggers of stress.

15:45  Q&A and the opportunity for discussion.

16:00  End


£35 per person

To book:

Places are limited to 5 so advanced booking is essential.

To book your place please contact Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic, Tel: 842938

or by email: